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David Grunberg

D Grunberg MBA FCA

David Grunberg
  • Admitted to ICAEW: 1981
  • Joined Council: 2019
  • Election Constituency: London


David is founding partner at Grunberg & Co, which he set up in May 1990 having qualified as a Chartered Accountant nine years earlier.

He created Grunberg & Co with the goal of forming a modern accountancy practice that differentiated itself from others in the marketplace, by having a therapeutic approach to business.

The firm now employs more than 75 members of staff and works with clients ranging from self-employed individuals up to multi-million pound organisations with a global reach.

He prides himself on providing honest and straight advice to businesses and his professional contacts – ensuring that the team aren’t afraid to challenge clients, where it is perceived to be in their best interest.

Within his practice, he specialises in working with the property and fashion sectors, as well as with insurance and owner/managed business entities. He also is heavily involved in the firm’s forensic department.

David is passionate about supporting others to join the accountancy profession and is driven to ensure that the sector meets the highest standards and continues to move with the times.

Outside of his day to day role, David undertakes philanthropic work for a number of good causes, as well as providing mentoring to developing businesses and individuals.

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