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Richard Thorpe

Non-lay member

Appointed to the IRB: May 2022


Richard’s career has been focussed on national and global financial regulation and standard setting specialising in accounting and auditing policy. Until 2021 he was responsible for governance and due process at the IFRS Foundation, and before that was adviser on accounting and auditing at the Financial Stability Board in Basel. For over 25 years he worked in UK financial services regulation and on regulators’ use of audited financial information and their relationships with statutory auditors. He is an advocate of the importance of market discipline in financial regulation, and the need for high-quality financial information and independent, professionally sceptical external auditors. The IRB’s work in overseeing a high-quality and transparent regulatory framework is a key element of that.

Declaration of Interests

Membership of, or interests in, formal bodies or groups, including other professional bodies

  • None

Membership of ICAEW Council, ICAEW Boards and other ICAEW Committees

  • ICAEW Regulatory Board (IRB)

Partnerships, Directorships or beneficial interests in companies

  • None

Professional or social relationships with individuals who have business relationships or who compete with ICAEW

  • None

Any other matters you feel should be identified

  • I am a member of the Public Interest Oversight Board’s SSB Nominating Committee. This identifies and interviews potential new members for the IAASB and IESBA.
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