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Market research

Alongside our advertising and sponsorship opportunities, we also offer the opportunity to gain valuable insight from the accountancy and finance community through selective market research partnerships.

All research is conducted in accordance with Market Research Society Code of Conduct relating to integrity, transparency, independence and confidentiality.

We will only conduct research if there is a clear benefit to our members or the profession. We’ll select a sample of our membership which matches your audience requirements and we’ll work with you to construct a co-branded qualitative or quantitative research programme.

  • Research your target buyers/key influencers in business or practice
  • Gauge the attitudes of your end users
  • Assess awareness of your products or services in your target market
  • Use the results to refine your go-to-market propositions.

Market and customer insights

Market research campaigns can be conducted via email, telephone or post and the results may include your logo as ‘Supported by’. We can provide you with the stand-alone research results or use our in-depth knowledge of our membership to produce an analytical report on the research findings. We can also assist in promoting the findings to our members through our range of publications and events and online.

Contact the commercial partnerships team

T: +44 (0)20 7920 3507
E: commercial.partnerships@icaew.com