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Business Valuation Benchmarks Ltd

Business Valuation Benchmarks aims to overcome the inherent problem of the unreliable transaction multiples from databases, and equip financial professionals with reliable transaction multiples and insights.
£395 +VAT
BVB Insights is the UK's first private company transaction bible. Gets not only what "normalised" multiples buyers are paying, but why they are acquiring. Buy now

Established in 2012, Business Valuation Benchmarks produce BVB Insights (an annual yearbook) and Industry Transaction Tables to provide multiples you can readily rely on, and invaluable insights– vital information for all your business valuations.

Products and services

BVB Insights: Data and Analysis on UK Private Company Multiples

BVB Insights is subscribed to by top accounting firms, forensic practitioners, corporate finance houses and Investors, both in the UK and globally.

BVB Insights: Data and Analysis on UK Private Company Multiples is the world's only guide to the latest transaction multiples paid for UK private companies in more than 40 industry categories.

In compiling BVB Insights, Business Valuation Benchmarks uses an extremely robust methodology, consulting a variety of sources and cross-checking them against extensive corroborating evidence for every transaction.

For accuracy and consistency, Business Valuation Benchmarks normalises the data and couples it with independent insights into the factors that are driving multiples in today's market.

Produced annually since 2013, BVB Insights puts at your fingertips, for the first time ever, reliable, robust and researched information on transaction multiples paid for UK companies.

  • Published annually, BVB Insights provides normalised Ebitda multiples paid for circa 40 industries.
  • Detailed information and multiples for hundreds of transactions, including buyer motivation.
  • Fully researched and corroborated transaction multiples based on most up to date information available.
  • Produced by practitioners for practitioners.
  • Essential information for your business valuations.

What makes BVB's research different? 

Conducted by Chartered Accountants with more than 30 years' combined business valuation experience, each transaction carefully scrutinised to ensure transaction prices are accurate and consistent, earnings for each target company adjusted to represent multiples of normalised earnings, readily usable format, which can be incorporated into reports, memorandums or any other documents.

Supporting ICAEW events

BVB is sponsoring ICAEW's Valuation Conference 2022 on 27 September.  

Business Valuation Benchmarks partner at ICAEW's Forensic and Expert Witness Conference 2020