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Support your wellbeing with CABA

The charity supporting past and present ICAEW members, ACA students and their close families from across the globe.
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Support is available face-to-face, online and over the phone. Email enquiries@caba.org.uk or call us 24 hours a day, every day on 01788 556366. Discover more

CABA is the charity that provides independent, lifelong support to the chartered accountant community. We understand that juggling study, work and family commitments is tough. So, from the moment you begin your ACA training, CABA is there to help you to take care of your physical and mental health. And not just you, your wife, husband or partner are eligible to use our services for their whole life too and dependent children can also use our services until they’re 25.

Available support

Emotional support

Through CABA you can connect with a registered counsellor who can help you work through the emotional impact of redundancy, relationships, bereavement, anxiety or depression without joining a waiting list. Talk to a counsellor over the phone, or if you’re based in the UK, you can access CABA’s new online NHS backed counselling service, Qwell at qwell.io/caba

Legal advice

Whatever your legal issue, we can arrange for you to speak to an experienced legal adviser over the telephone in as little as 2 hours.


Improve your confidence and self-awareness, polish up your CV, LinkedIn profile and interview skills, and transform your networking skills with the support of your own CABA coach. 

Personal and professional development

A free CABA course can help you develop the professional skills you need to set you apart and the personal skills to take care of your own wellbeing. Courses include; Develop your personal brand, Manage your money and Boost your resilience.

Financial assistance

CABA can help you with everyday living expenses like grants for and donations for household repairs or appliances. CABA can help you to pay your ICAEW subscriptions too. Financial assistance is means-tested so get in touch with CABA for an application form. Please note that CABA are unable to fund your exam fees.

Debt advice

Our specialist debt advisors can provide impartial and confidential advice. If debt concerns you, get in touch. This is a service for the UK only.

Benefits advice

If you’re navigating the benefits system for the first time, or just trying to make sense of it all, CABA will explore the options with you and can even help you complete the forms. This service is only available in the UK.

Discover more at caba.org.uk

CABA at Virtually Live

Virtually Live 2021 - 15-17 June

CABA returned to support Virtually Live for the second year, providing an on demand session.

Life after lockdown
On demand

 CABA shares support on the transition back to the workplace, including: managing expectations, dealing with different emotions, confidence and anxiety. The session will give an overview of:

  • preparation;
  • managing expectations;
  • dealing with different emotions;
  • returning to the office for both managers and staff, specifically around staff communicating concerns; and
  • dealing with loss and grief, being able to bring back what we have lost but in a different way. 

The session will also cover confidence and anxiety.

Virtually Live 2020

At ICAEW Virtually Live CABA ran a short, practical session on mindfulness outlining what mindfulness is, how it works and how you can develop it further.

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