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Circit helps audit firms perform higher quality audit engagements, client collaboration and gives audit firms the power to instantly verify assets at source. Audit innovation and security is at the core of the Circit platform which is fully integrated and independent.
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Circit is the first AISP regulated tech company to provide financial auditors with independently verified banking assets and liabilities which are held on their corporate clients’ balance sheets.

The traditional audit processes have led to major failures in the profession and have impacted the wider economy.

Critical audit testing to confirm assets and liabilities with independent sources, such as banks, was manual, paper-based, and often only covered a tiny sample of transactions.

Circit solves this problem by connecting auditors directly to their clients’ banking systems. By building a verification layer across a network of Banks, Solicitors, and Fintech services, Circit allows auditors to perform real-time account confirmations and test 100% of transactions from an independent source. This increases audit quality, reduces fraud risk, and leads to audit staff being trained to a higher standard.

  • Automate Audit Confirmations
    Get complete, accurate confirmations from every type of evidence provider, for all clients across your whole firm
  • Obtain Verified Bank Transactions
    Connect your teams directly to any client bank account and get accurate independent data in seconds, for the first time
  • Collaborate with Clients instantly
    Boost productivity when your teams and clients are working together. Get full visibility into the status of every request and communicate in context from any location
  • Securely Digitally Sign Documents
    Embed eIDAS compliant digital signing into every client engagement. Financial statements, engagement letters and every document signed in the same way

Circit helps audit firms perform higher quality audit engagements, collaborate with clients, and instantly verify assets at source.

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