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Eden Smith

Eden Smith are niche specialists within the data industry. We partner with you to offer impartial advice, industry insights & access to our extensive community of data professionals, consultants & technology providers.
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Not sure when is the right time to upskill, recruit or invest in external support? Our solutions in workforce design, data staffing and generating data insights will give you the competitive edge. Learn more

Headquartered in the UK, Eden Smith is an independent data specialist supporting organisations, and data professional, achieve their business goals. We partner with businesses, of all sizes, to realise value from their data.

Our organisational structure is unique. The 3 divisions of our business are distinct yet work together to make Eden Smith a comprehensive data partner who supports you on your data journey, every step of the way.

Our services include:

Our award-winning educational programme, Nurture, is a creative solution to a talent shortage, providing you with additional resource and generates a pipeline of fresh new talent.

Concept Zero is our latest offering with a focus on reducing waste and reducing risk. As we move towards a decarbonised society there will be increased business and consumer demand to instruct organisations that have strong ESG credentials.

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