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EdenTree is a charity-owned investment management firm, with all our distributable profits going to good causes. We are proud to have led the way in responsible and sustainable investing for over three decades.
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EdenTree offers specialist ESG pooled funds for charities that aim to protect capital, keep costs low and look to achieve income and long-term capital growth. For larger charities, we also create bespoke, segregated investment solutions to match specific needs.

ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2021

ICAEW's popular annual Charity Conference has been designed to prepare you with the knowledge to thrive in challenging times with vital accounting, governance and taxation updates affecting the charity sector.

22 January 2021
11: 55 - Achieving responsible income and growth with a global approach

The turbulent markets of 2020 have left investors feeling nervous about the future. In particular, charity investors are concerned about the likely effects on their investment income, which for many is needed now more than ever, and how to capitalise on potential growth opportunities.

Ketan Patel, Charity Fund Manager at EdenTree, will consider how, by investing in a responsible and sustainable manner, charities are able to achieve income and growth. He will also provide a market outlook for the year ahead.

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Ketan Patel, Charity Fund Manager

Ketan Patel, CFA, joined EdenTree in 2003 as a Research Analyst. He began his career at JP Morgan, before moving to Insight Investment as a Global Healthcare and Biotech Analyst.

He is co-manager on the EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable UK Equity Fund, Amity Global Equity Fund for Charities and EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable UK Equity Opportunities Fund.

He holds a post-graduate degree in Geography and Economic History from the University of London.

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