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Figured is the smarter and easier way to manage farm finances. A cloud-based agribusiness financial management software, trusted by over 30,000 farmers and their advisors worldwide.
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Spend less time completing compliance-focused tasks, and more time setting budgets, forecasts and preparing for what's ahead for your farm clients. Learn more

With Figured’s farm financial management tools, you'll spend less time gathering information to complete compliance tasks, and more time adding value and building trust by partnering with your farming clients to set budgets, plan, forecast and prepare for what's ahead.

The smarter and easier way to manage farm finances

Figured is the ideal farm financial management tool for accountants who want to really make a difference for their agri-clients.

Our goal is to help our accounting partners help their farming and rural clients secure a more profitable and sustainable future for their agribusiness. Working with over than 400 accounting practices and their 30,000 farm clients, across six countries makes us the global technology partner of choice for agri accounting practices.

High value advisory services

Figured empowers a connected approach with your farming clients. You’ll have better, more informed conversations focused on the future of your client’s farming operation.

Improve efficiency

With all of your client’s stock reconciliation, crop tracking and production forecasting in one place, budgeting is streamlined all in one place - creating efficiencies for you and your clients.

Growth for your business

Figured consolidates the cash, tax, stock and crop data, meaning you’ll spend less time chasing clients for data, and more time providing valuable services and building trust.

We’ve partnered with the best

Figured easily connects to leading cloud based accounting solutions. We also have the support of large ag lenders, who believe in the benefits that a connected team delivers to the industry.


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