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Futrli by Sage

Prediction, forecasting and reporting software

Futrli provides accountants with a complete advisory platform. Instant 3-way budgeting, performance tracking and monthly reporting are all under pinned with a comprehensive education programme to ensure long term success.
Futrli by Sage
Understand how your clients’ businesses operate by syncing their entire financial operations into one prediction engine, instantly. Discover Now!

Access constantly updated cash flow forecasts in a single source of truth, synced automatically from your ledger. Futrli predicts future cash flow for 36 months in seconds. Help your clients move beyond hunches by understanding the past and predicting the future.

With Futrli, understand how your clients’ businesses operate at a granular level by syncing their entire financial operations into one prediction engine.

Using algorithms that think like an accountant, clients’ financial information processes businesses’ historic data and creates future predictions. These insights reveal the opportunities and threats to businesses. In turn, these can be used by accountants to enhance their advisory services and generate more revenue.

Sage’s recent acquisition of Futrli presents exciting opportunities for the prediction software innovators as they expand their comprehensive technology offerings.

Futrli key features:

  • Full integration with Xero and QuickBooks Online. Get the information that matters in seconds.
  • Cash flow predictions that use algorithms not AI to provide the most accurate information possible.
  • No nonsense reporting. Create professional and meaningful reports through Futrli’s easy-to-use interface.
  • Empower clients to make the business decisions that they struggle with such as pricing their services, so that they may make the profit margins they need to grow.
  • Forget long hours in Excel by creating a 3-year business forecast that combines all due invoices/bills, predictions across the P&L with the balance sheet instantly
  • New drag and drop reporting functionality enables business owners and their advisors to easily create the PDF reports and dashboards they need to understand the past, present and future business performance.

Here’s what early adopters of Futrli have to say:

“Futrli has redefined our internal expectations of what management accounts and real time forecasting should be. We are able to provide a better level consistently. It comes out in the right way, every time.”

Mark Simic, Partner, Simpkins Edwards.
FUTRLI by Sage