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A cloud-based document management solution, providing a single platform to store, share and eSign files.
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SmartVault is built to meet the security and workflow needs of accountants and financial professionals.

Products and services

SmartVault is built specifically for accountants and financial professionals, so you can be sure your workflow and security needs have been taken into account for every feature we’ve developed.

Using SmartVault to store your documents in the cloud means you have access from any device, in any location around the world.Share files with your clients and team members in a safe, secure way with bank-level AES-256 encryption, and streamline your client onboarding process with custom folder and email templates.

With no storage limits and unlimited client profiles, our solution is designed to grow with your business.

Our features include:

  • A single platform to store all client and practice files.
  • Bespoke email and folder templates.
  • Integrated eSignature.
  • Custom branded client portal.
  • Securely share files via email.
  • Supports GDPR and AML compliance.
  • Integrations with your favourite accounting software, including QuickBooks, Xero, TaxCalc and more

Customer Success is our No.1 Job

SmartVault offers personal training options designed to help you maximise the value of your subscription. You can work one-to-one with one of our training specialists to help you set up SmartVault for your business and workflow, or use our simple training videos to get you started. With our customer success team standing by via phone, email or live chat, we’re always here to help.

SmartVault at Virtually Live

Virtually Live 2021 - 15-17 June

SmartVault returned to support Virtually Live for the second year, providing a live session which is now available on demand.

The difference between cloud and on-premise DMS

Choosing how you store and manage documents is a key decision within firms. The shadow cast by COVID-19 over the business environment has made this decision more critical than ever. Now the ability to collaborate virtually, work remotely and protect your business (and your clients) from cybersecurity threats has become even more central.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the basics of cloud vs on-premise document storage.
  • Compare the features and costs of different storage solutions.
  • Discover which is right for your business.

Speaker: George Kizis, Account Manager, SmartVault

George Kizis was employee number two for SmartVault UK and is an authority on document management for the financial sector. George regularly runs educational webinars and speaks at industry events including ICAEW Virtually Live, the ICB Roadshow and Digital Accountancy Show. As well as document management, his knowledge covers cyber security, communication technology, GDPR and disaster recovery planning.

Virtually Live 2020

Email usage is down 18% with 25-35 year olds, and a whopping 60% with Generation Z. SmartVault's Business Development Manager, George Kizis explains why moving away from email is important – and what the first steps you need to take are to future-proof your business.

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