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Trace is a world leading climate tech platform helping SMEs and accountants drive the transition to Net Zero.
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The future of accounting is carbon and Trace has built the technology to future-proof your firm.

Trace empowers SMEs and their accountants on their journey to Net Zero. We make it easy for you to measure & manage your carbon emissions, whilst engaging your staff in your sustainability strategy.

Why stop there? Arm your team with the skills to deliver carbon accounting services through our fellowship training course. We’ve trained accountants all over the world, your practice can lead the transition for SMEs to Net Zero.


  • Carbon footprinting
  • Carbon accounting training
  • Employee engagement
  • Sustainability communication toolkit
  • Net Zero planning and target setting
  • Carbon credit procurement
  • Carbon emissions reporting
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The future of accounting is carbon! Stay relevant and upskill your team.

Accountants have built their profession on rigour - on being trusted, data-driven advisors and risk mitigators. You are uniquely placed to help quantify climate risk, measure carbon emissions and empower your clients on their journey to net zero.

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Sustainability reporting regulation - what this means for SMEs

Sustainability reporting is now essential for UK small and medium businesses to retain contracts with larger organisations, comply with regulations, access financing, and build a responsible reputation. As larger companies lead the way in reporting, small and medium businesses will be required to follow suit.

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6 reasons why your accounting firm is ready to add carbon accounting to your tech stack

Carbon is the future of accounting. Add carbon accounting as a service to your firm's skillset to stay relevant in a world where climate is part of every business's risks, opportunities and disclosures.

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