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ACA Professional Level

Last updated: 04 June 2021

Exam update

In the UK, subject to the planned government roadmap, the June Professional Level exams will be able to be sat at an exam centre. Remote invigilation will remain available for all exams. 

International bookings can be sat at either exam centres or remote invigilation, this will be subject to local government guidance.

June Professional Level - International exam centre update

Please read the additional COVID-19 guidance and instructions for specific locations:


  • Centre - Johor: This centre has now reopened following government guidance. We have contacted all affected students with the options available to them.
  • Centre - Penang: This centre is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have contacted all affected students. 
  • Kuala Lumpur - All students sitting an exam in Kuala Lumpur at the Novux or SEGi exam centres have been contacted via email communications with further guidance.
    - Centre - Novux - open. Government guidelines are to be followed, including these additional requirements:
    - Students to sanitise and have their temperature checked on arrival
    - double masks are required and should be a medical mask and a fabric mask
    - social distancing to be observed

- Centre - SEGI - open. Government guidelines are to be followed, including these additional requirements:
- students to sanitise and have their temperature checked on arrival
- social distancing
- candidates must being their own mask
- must show a medical declaration via your mobile app, on arrival. (My Sejahtera QR code)

  - Hanoi
- Centre - Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology - open.
- Government guidelines are to be observed
- must show a medical declaration on a mobile app on arrival at the test centre (Bluezone or Ncovi app)
- we have been advised that there will be no air conditioning available but windows will be open

  - Ho Chi Minh City
- Centre - SmartPro- are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. We have contacted affected students.

Booking window

The booking window is:

 Session open  Session closing Date of exam  
 Results released

10:00 UK-time

Monday 19 April

17:00 UK-time

Friday 23 April

07, 08, 09 June  Friday 16 July

Students will be able to book their remote invigilation or exam centre exam via my.icaew.com/examsonline. When booking a remote invigilation exam, students will be asked to select their country rather than a centre name.

For guidance on booking your exam click here. If you need to book another exam or modify your original booking follow this guidance. Changes can only be made during the booking window.

Students in a training agreement may wish to check with their employer before booking any exams, in case they have particular policies and suggested approaches already in place.

Exam options

Students can check the minimum technical requirements for remotely invigilated here. Even if students have sat remotely invigilated exams with us in 2020, we advise that students double check the requirements as we have upgraded the system for 2021. 

Students are also advised to read the Instructions to Candidates before their exam and the COVID-19 instructions for specific locations.

Exam advice for students

The ICAEW exams and learning materials are prepared ahead of each exam session. While we aim to reflect real life in the exams, the scenarios, characters and businesses presented are fictional and reflect the economic circumstances at the time of writing. Some exam question scenarios may relate to an industry, sector or business on which the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact. Where analysis of that scenario is required, it would be relevant to mention briefly in your answer the implications of the pandemic. Overall, however, you should continue to focus on answering the question appropriately, using the technical knowledge and skills as set out in the ICAEW learning materials.