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ACA training

Last updated: 21 July 2020

As many of us are now working remotely, we recognise that this is a challenge, particularly when students are balancing work commitments and the ACA qualification.

Nicola Mower, ICAEW Training and CPD Manager, shares guidance and support to ensure six monthly review meetings continue and students can keep their ACA training and online training file on track.

Guidance for employers in the UK only

We have allowed employers to furlough staff for up to 12 weeks without impacting their training agreement (based on the four weeks per year allowed under the ACA Student Regulations).

If an individual on a training agreement is furloughed, they will still be able to undertake tuition and sit exams during this period.

Furloughed up to 12 weeks

There is no requirement to extend a student’s training agreement. However, students must make a separate entry in their training file covering the period they have been furloughed. Days should be zero and they should write “furloughed” in the free text ’Reviewer name’ box.  If they also have the option to select their reviewer’s name from a drop down list, they should do this.

Furlough form

Furloughed for more than 12 weeks

A student’s training agreement may need to be extended or suspended depending upon the circumstances.

Please contact applications@icaew.com with the student’s name, student number and the start and end date of the furlough period. ICAEW will contact you to advise.

Guidance for all employers

Authorised training employer appraisals and review visits are being undertaken remotely, where possible.

Credit for prior learning update

We are working with HEIs to ensure that students can still gain credit for prior learning  (CPL) for relevant degree programmes even where their final exams couldn’t go ahead as planned.