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Questions on the remote invigilation

Q: What calculator can I use during my OnVUE exam?

A: For security reasons, students are not permitted to have anything with them when sitting exams remotely. However, you are able to practice using the online calculator via this demo link.

Within the demo link above, the calculator will display in question 3. To see the exact calculator that would be displayed to you in your ICAEW exams, select ‘scientific’ from the modes available on the calculator.

Q: How do I write notes during my OnVUE exam?

A: For security reasons, students are not permitted to have anything with them when sitting exams remotely. However, you are able to practice using the scratch pad via this demo link and information below. There is also a whiteboard feature which is included within OnVUE exams only, you can read more about this feature here.

Please note the following features of the scratch pad:

  • It is resizable
  • It can be dragged anywhere on screen
  • Notes are saved throughout the exam to view within all questions
  • If it is closed, all notes are saved for when it is re-opened
  • You can use Ctrl C and Ctrl V to copy and paste text from the exam question
  • To zoom in and out of any screen and notes, hold Ctrl and click on + or -
Q : Is there a demo of the exam to see what it looks like and practise how to use it?

A: The remote invigilation exams are the same as shown in the test centres. To practise using the calculator and scratch pad, Pearson VUE have provided this demo. There is also a whiteboard feature which is included within OnVUE exams only, you can read more about this feature here.

Q: Can I use a touch screen?

A: No, a touch screen cannot be used for these exams. However, if your laptop or tablet has a physical keyboard and mouse and meets the technical requirements, it can be used.

Q: What internet connection is required, can I use a mobile hotspot or tethering?

A: For optimal performance, a reliable and stable connection speed of 3 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up is required. If testing from home, ask others within the household to avoid internet use during your exam session. Tethering to a mobile hotspot is explicitly prohibited.

Q: Can I sit my exam on any web browser?

A: You need to use the newest versions of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox or Internet Explorer 11.

Please note: Internet Cookies must be enabled and any pop-up/ad blocking setting(s) must be disabled.

Q: What will happen if my internet connection drops during my exam?

A: If your internet connection drops, your exam will freeze, the clock will be paused and your answers saved. If the connection drops momentarily and then reconnects you will be allowed to continue with your exam where you left off. If the connection drops several times or for a longer period of time your exam session will be ended and you will need to re-schedule.

If your exam session is ended, depending on how far you are into your exam, your exam session may be cancelled or you will be able to apply for special consideration by emailing specialconsideration@icaew.com See further details .

Q: Are we automatically going to be given extra time? It takes longer to use the on screen version of the calculator and whiteboard.

A: We cannot add additional time for all students sitting remote invigilated exams. It is recommended that you prepare for the exam by becoming familiar with the online calculator and scratch pad using the demo link. You can also get a better understanding of the functionalities of the whiteboard tool.

Also, please remember that remote invigilation is being provided as an alternative option to sit your exams while exam centres are closed. If you would prefer, you can wait until exam centres are open again.

Q: When applying for extra time, what should the “VAT ID #” be in the voucher store order form?

A: Please use “N/A” for the VAT ID number in the order form when applying for extra time.

Q: I have extra time, how do I book my exams?

A: See instructions on how to book this. (Please note: for security reasons strictly no breaks are allowed during a remotely invigilated exam. If you have been awarded extra time or stop the clock for a condition that requires you to take breaks during your exam, you will need to wait and sit at an exam centre once they are re-opened.)

Q: What times are available for the exam? Is there any flexibility for different time zones?

A: The time zone for your exam is automatically selected based on the time zone settings on your computer. Double check your time zone when booking your exam as you have the option to manually change it if it is incorrect.

For example, if you are a student from China but sitting your exam whilst in the UK, please make sure your exam is set to BST as your computer may be set to a different time zone.

Also, there are both AM and PM slots available for the exam. Make sure you have selected the correct time of day. You can double check this via your booking confirmation email as this will state the time for your exam.

Q: Is remote invigilation the only option for sitting this exam?

A: Remote invigilation is an alternative option to waiting for exam centres to re-open. If you do want to sit a remote invigilated exam, be reassured that all results will be monitored and statistically analysed to compare them against the test centre delivered exams. Please view the latest information regarding Pearson Professional Centres re-opening.

Q: Can I re-schedule my exam from a test centre to OnVUE?

A: You need to cancel your test centre exam booking and make a separate booking for OnVUE. If you cancel at least 24 hours before your exam date/time, you will receive full refund to the payment method provided.

Q: Will I receive my results in the same way?

A: Results will be provided to students and employers (if applicable) in exactly the same way. If you have a tuition provider, please let them know your result as they are currently unable to receive your remote invigilated exam results. Please note, results from exams sat very late in the evening and finish early in the morning will not show on the ICAEW website until the morning of the next day