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Booking an event for someone else

Support for those looking to book an ICAEW event for someone else

Needing to book an ICAEW event on behalf of someone else? Below is some guidance on the booking process if you are an ICAEW member or a non-member.

If you already have an account

If you already have an account you can login by entering your username and password:

Please note: if you are a member or a student you will already have an account. Please use the same details to log in for events.

If you have already registered but are having issues logging in you can follow the ‘Forgotten your User name?’ link and follow the instructions.

If you don't already have an account

If you don’t yet have an account you can create one:

Once you have registered, we always recommend clearing your cache and cookies and loading up a new webpage (not doing this can cause issues with the website recognising your log in details). You will also receive an email confirming your registration to the email address that you have registered with.

How to book an event

1. Find and select your event

You can view all our events and make bookings online by visiting our event listings. If you already have the event name, you can search for it in the ‘search event’ box on the left. You can also search key words such as ‘Tax’ or ‘Mental Health’ and will see the events we offer on these topics.

Events are shown in the centre section of the page with a ‘View’ button to the far right. Click the title or ‘’View’ button to gain access to that event’s details.


2. View your event

Once you are on the event page you can view important details such as cost, location, and date details.

If there are multiple dates listed, select a date to view the relevant information. You may also see listings of on-demand recordings, which you can watch at a time that suits you.


3. Add to basket

Once you have selected the event you’d like to attend simply click the ‘Book Here’ button to the right of the event description.


‘Notify Me’ button

For an event that is live but not yet bookable you may see a ‘notify me’ button instead of a ‘Book Here’ button. By signing up you will be added to a list to be emailed when the event is available to book.

‘Waitlist’ button

A waitlist is when the event has been made available to book but all the spaces have been taken. By clicking the button and joining the waitlist you will be emailed should someone else cancel. Please note this is ‘first come first serve’ and a space is not automatically booked for you.

Group Bookings

Some events have the option of making group bookings. If this is available for your event, a ‘group/ company booking’ box will appear above the ‘book here’ button. This will allow you to select the number of bookings you’d like to make.


To assign the booking at checkout you will need to click the ‘Assign Delegate’ button. You will then be taken to the redemption page to select a delegate and then click the ‘redeem delegate button’.

(To assign after booking you will need to log back into the events website and then click on ‘Account’ → Order History or click on ‘My Orders’ → Click the ‘Assign Delegate’ button where you will be taken to the redemption page to assign the booking. If any places have been assigned, they will be greyed out on the redemption page. Once redeemed the redeemed booking will be given its own order number).

If when booking, the page ‘loops’ back to the login page, please contact a member of our team on the below contact details.

4. Select who the booking is for

Adding a new delegate to book

If you are booking for someone who has never booked before you will need to enter their name and email to create a participant account and book them on.


Booking for a delegate you’ve previously booked

If you are booking for a delegate you’ve booked previously, this would be done under the ‘search registered user’ tab in this section. Simply search by name and email to add them to the delegate list.


Once you have taken one of the previous actions the delegate can be found in the saved delegates tab for future bookings.


5. Fill in any forms

Both free and paid events may ask you for additional information such as dietary requirements or number of guests.

Please note that any fields with an asterisk (*) are compulsory and booking cannot be completed without a selection.


6. Process Order

Once submitted you will be taken to an order summary page with two steps; Payment and Process payment.

Payment and vouchers

If it is a paid event, you will enter your card details here. You can also redeem any discounts, vouchers and seasons passes here.

Process payment

This screen is the final summary of your order. Make sure to check your email and other information is correct. If everything is correct simply click ‘Process order’. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions to process the order.

Any booking confirmations, receipts and joining instructions will be emailed to your registered email address.

Please Note: For our virtual events you will receive a ‘Booking not yet complete email’ after the booking has been made. You will need to click the Zoom link and enter your name and email on the linked page to receive joining instructions and gain access online.