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Booking an event for someone else

Support for those looking to book an ICAEW event for someone else

Needing to book an ICAEW event on behalf of someone else? Below is some guidance on the booking process if you are an ICAEW member or a non-member.

To book an event for someone else, you firstly need to be logged into an account. If you are an ICAEW member and unsure of your events log in, you will already have an account with us already.

Please use your registered membership number and use the ‘Forgotten Password’ facility to re-gain access. This can be found on the ‘log in’ page.

For non ICAEW members, who have not booked with us before you will need to create an account, please refer to the guidance on booking for yourself.

Once logged into your account you can add delegates to your own account, giving you the option to add them onto an event (whether they are a non ICAEW member or ICAEW members).

  • For example, you want to add your colleague onto an event, you are a ICAEW member but they are not, you can still add them – you will just need details of their first and last name and their email address.
  • Please note, both ICAEW members and non-members can add delegates to their accounts.

Firstly, head to the ‘accounts tab’ on the events page, a dropdown will now appear and you will see ‘settings’. Please hover over this and you will see ‘delegates’ - please now select this. A page will then display and in the right hand corner you will see an option to ‘add new delegate’. Please select here and fill in the necessary sections (if you are adding a ICAEW member to your account, please add their membership number here).

Once complete, you then just need to click ‘new delegate’ button towards the bottom of the screen. The delegate will now be added to your account.

Now you have done this, you will be able click on the event (via event listing), scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the delegate names available under ‘saved delegates’. Click the circle on the relevant name and then click ‘add to basket’. You will then be given an option to book another event or go to check out.

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