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Season passes and discounts

Frequently asked questions about season passes and discounts

Find out how season passes and discount codes work.

What is a season pass and how does it work?

A season pass allows you to pre-purchase a set number of tickets for specific events. Once you purchase a season pass you will be emailed with a link to activate it.
Screenshot of season pass section on the event portal

You will be able to add the season pass code at the payment stage of the booking process and it will count as payment on the relevant events. You do not need to book all tickets on your season pass at the same time. Please see the individual season pass webpages for specific information and to purchase your season pass:

Note: Season passes must be bought and activated before being used towards a booking and must be applied in the ‘Season pass’ box on the checkout page.

Please also note season passes can only be purchased by members but can be assigned to non-members.

Season Passes are currently available for selected Beds, Bucks and Herts events.

What is a discount code and how does it work?

You may be given a discount code to apply against a specific event, either by the event organiser or from the Faculty or Community that you belong to.

Discount codes need to be applied in the ‘Promotions and coupon codes’ box on the checkout page of the booking.

Note: Discount codes may have an expiry date and be capped depending on the type of discount.
Screenshot of coupon code section on the event portal