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Register for services from ICAEW Faculties

PwC are corporate members of three ICAEW Faculties – Audit & Assurance, Corporate Finance and Financial Services. PwC staff are able to download the online material from these Faculties via the firm’s intranet. As part of these corporate membership arrangements, PwC staff can also receive the additional services of e-bulletins directly from these Faculties and discounts at certain events/webinars. 

To register for these additional services from the Audit & Assurance and/or Financial Services Faculties, fill out the form below and the Faculty will be added to your ICAEW record. Non-ICAEW members are also eligible to register under the scheme(s). PwC has already submitted details of individuals for the Corporate Finance Faculty.

*Required details

Please insert N/A if you do not have an existing record.

You will only be registered under the PwC corporate membership scheme for the Audit and Assurance Faculty and/or Financial Services Faculty while you are an employee of PwC. To help keep PwC’s corporate faculty membership lists accurate and up to date we will share your name and ICAEW member/record number with PwC. PwC will review this information once a year for the purpose of advising us if you are no longer an employee of PwC.