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Online learning from the ICAEW Faculties

The seven ICAEW Faculties are the leading source of expertise and know-how in the world of accounting, business and finance - they’re also committed to your continuing professional development and provide a wealth of premium online resources to keep you up to date.

Online learning from ICAEW Faculties

While many of our resources are normally exclusively available via Faculty subscription, we acknowledge some practitioners may not have easy access to their usual technical or CPD support network right now. So we’ve provided a selection of recent webinars to help everyone stay up to date.

Click to watch complimentary webinars from the ICAEW Faculties:

Auditing estimates and related disclosures

This revised standard is relevant for all estimates in all audits and introduces a number of key enhancements that auditors will need to get to grips with, such as a greater focus on risk assessment, more targeted work to respond to assessed risk, more documentation and additional emphasis on scepticism. John Selwood and Gill Spaul talk through the changes to help you prepare for implementation.

Top tips on powerful presentations

In this webinar, Lindsay Maclean shares some top tips on what makes people sit up and listen to you when you’re presenting. She shares ideas on how you can be memorable and in control of the impact you make.

UK GAAP top 10 countdown

UK GAAP experts Jake Green and Danielle Stewart OBE discuss the ‘top 10’ hot topics in UK GAAP. With a few years of applying FRS 102 The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland in practice under their belts, several challenging areas have emerged for entities. Based on their experience helping preparers deal with common issues, Jake and Danielle provide technical insight and practical guidance. 

Ethical use of big data in financial services

In 2019, ICAEW published Principles for the ethical use of big data in financial services, accompanied by case studies and tips for consumers in a big data world. This webinar gives a brief overview of the changes banks, insurers and investment managers are facing due to the increasing use of big data and artificial intelligence and explores the themes coming through from the round tables ICAEW held last year with  firms consumer groups, regulator and policy makers.

Budget Update

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his Budget on 11 March 2020. The complex political scene which beset the UK throughout 2019 led to a year with a Budget speech. The last time this happened was in 1768, which was another year of political turmoil. In this webinar Frank Haskew, Caroline Miskin and Anita Monteith reflect on the chancellor’s announcements and what they could mean for you and your clients.

Tech Essentials: Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation has the potential to significantly change the working lives of many people. In principle, RPA digital workers could perform a range of routine tasks freeing up staff to perform more varied and interesting tasks. However, implementing RPA can be difficult. Deciding on which process to automate, project manage and scaling up pilots are all challenging. In addition, the impact on existing staff needs to be carefully managed. In this webinar we explored some of the key concepts and issues surrounding RPA.

Excel Tip of the Week live: your questions answered

The webinar covers best practice, the use of functions and functionality, application of Excel techniques to accounting scenarios, and anything else you wanted to know.