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Please read this important notice about ICAEW East Anglia.

Notice is hereby given that the 89th Annual General Meeting of East Anglian Society of Chartered Accountants will be held virtually on 23 May 2023, starting at 17:30 as laid down in the Society’s Rules and for the following formal proceedings:-

  1. Confirmation of the Minutes for the last Annual General Meeting held on 24 May 2022 – a copy will be provided to members attending ahead of the meeting
  2. Approval of the accounts for the year ended 31 December 2022 – a copy will be provided to members attending ahead of the meeting
  3. Nomination and election of Office Holders for 2023/2024:-
        - President
        - Deputy President
        - Vice President
  4. Ratification of the decision of the Office Holders and Committee to move the operations of the Society into ICAEW as a local network with effect from 1 June 2023
  5. Adoption of a revised constitution for the Society
  6. Confirmation of the appointment of Trustees for the Society, and
  7. Transaction of any other business which may be brought to the Annual General Meeting

Any member unable to virtually attend the Annual General Meeting can download a proxy voting form (see right hand side). To be valid, this proxy form must be returned to Debbie Antony (debbie.antony@icaew.com) by e-mail no later than 17:30 on Sunday 21 May 2023 and must be signed by the member and include the member's ICAEW membership number.

ICAEW East Anglia Main Committee elections

Nomination forms for election to Main Committee can be downloaded from this website (see right hand side). Nominations of candidates willing to stand, which require the support of three further members of the Society, must be received no later than Saturday 1 April 2023, at the end of which day the nominations will close.