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Victoria Andrew

London President’s letter to local members

Vicky Andrew, the newly appointed President of the London Society of Chartered Accountants, outlines her aims for the year and encourages local members to reach out.  

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Spotlighting businesses’ response to COVID-19

Many industries have suffered as a result of the lockdown and there is concern over which businesses will become casualties of coronavirus. However, some have been able to adapt to ensure the prosperity of their organisations and even contribute to societies’ efforts in battling against COVID-19.

Obituary: Deborah Goodwin, OBE

Deborah Louise Goodwin (Maiden name, Pearson), OBE was born in Beverley, Yorkshire on 15 September 1956, one of three sisters, and passed away on 20 May 2020 following a brave battle with cancer over the last six months.

Your Essential CPD is now online

To ensure all ICAEW members can continue to access quality and topical CPD courses in this period of uncertainty and social distancing, the Essentials CPD programme will now be offered by live and on-demand webinar.

Tax and financial reporting

Ethernet cables laid out in such a way as to resemble a plant

Tax efficient green cars opportunity

The phrases ‘tax efficient’ and ‘cars’ do not normally sit comfortably together but this is changing due to new developments regarding ultra-low emission (ULE) cars, explains LSCA Taxation Committee member Pat Nown.

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Business and economy

Kirstin Gibbs business processes

Knowing and keeping promises

If you don’t know what you’re promising, how do you know if you’re keeping your promises? Kirsten Gibbs, Process Expert, asks. 

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Career and development

Anne-Marie Asenso, CASSL Chair 2020

New student chair on 2020 Vision

In May the Chartered Accountants Student Society London (CASSL) welcomed a new chair: Anne-Marie Asenso. She spoke to London Accountant about the new committee and her priorities for the year.  

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Lord Mayor William Russell

Lord Mayor: Global co-operation needed for recovery

International cooperation has never been more important than now as we face up to the challenges posed by the current pandemic. Lord Mayor, William Russell, explains. 

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COVID-19: the impact on London members

COVID-19 now dominates our lives. Vicky Andrew, Vice-President of the South East London Area Society explores the effects of the pandemic on our personal lives, in running our practices and businesses and in planning events and other activities for local members.