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News and opinion

Viresh Paul

Raising Awareness of LSCA

LSCA president Viresh Paul discusses increasing the awareness of the LSCA society to all ICAEW members in London.

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Business and economy

Michael Quinlan

Is tax too complicated to go digital?

Retired tax adviser, member of LSCA Tax Committee, elected member of Council 2017-21 Michael Quinlan weighs in on tax digitalization.

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Career and development

Geraldine Gallacher

Does your organisation have the “S” factor?

The global pandemic has highlighted social inequalities and fundamentally changed the role employees expect their employer to play to address these issues, argues executive coach Geraldine Gallacher.

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Finance in a Digital World

Vicky Andrew, immediate past President of LSCA and a member of LSCA’s Business Board, highlights the ICAEW’s online course, as part of this month’s Fintech theme.

You have a new job – so how is it?

Companies are now willing to hire people from many locations not just those within a 60 minute commute of their office. The good news is that there are more jobs that you can consider & the bad news is that so can everyone else.