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News from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

Tips for growing your business: grant funding

Jonathan Hollis September 2020

History has shown that economic downturns can, and often do, breed successful and long-lasting companies. Jonathan Hollis, Managing Partner of Mountside Ventures, sets out how growing businesses can access grants.

How we can support recovery

Vicky Andrew, LSCA President & LSCA Business Board September 2020

While we are continuing to live through a pandemic, our thoughts are moving towards the future and how society, and business in particular, can recover. Vicky Andrew, LSCA president and LSCA Business Board member writes.

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ for ICAEW students

Tim Reilly, CASSL Committee member September 2020

As workplaces move towards the next phase of the coronavirus recovery - the so-called ‘new normal’ - firms, leaders and managers need to address the challenges facing their junior staff. CASSL Secretary Tim Reilly, writes.

Book Review: High Output Management

Andy Roland-Price, LSCA Business Board September 2020

Andrew Grove’s ‘High Output Management’ has been described as a legendary business book focusing on how to manage teams to get peak performance. London Business Board member Andy Roland-Price sees whether it lives up to its hype.

Accelerating Megatrends: technology in London

The Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor William Russell September 2020

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst to our use of technology. The Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor, William Russell, looks at how this has been realised in London.

Bank of England sees signs of economic recovery

Lai Wah Co September 2020

Since the Covid-19 crisis began, the Bank has taken extraordinary measures to support employment and economic activity in the UK. Lai Wah Co, Deputy Agent for Greater London, reports on the current outlook from the Bank’s Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Reports.

Does your organisation have the “S” factor?

Geraldine Gallacher September 2020

The global pandemic has highlighted social inequalities and fundamentally changed the role employees expect their employer to play to address these issues, argues executive coach Geraldine Gallacher.

How to Share your Promise

Kirsten Gibbs August 2020

This is the third part in Kirsten Gibbs’ series of articles inviting you to rethink your business model.

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