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News from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

London President: an exceptional year

Nathan Steinberg June 2020

With his last column for London Accountant as LSCA President, Nathan Steinberg summarises what has been a busy and somewhat surprising year in office.

A time to reshape your business model

Kirsten Gibbs June 2020

Coronavirus has got many people questioning their models and assumptions around work. Kirsten Gibbs, Process Expert, asks if it’s time to question our models of business too?

What does the recovery mean for London: 3 areas to consider

Julia Rott-Gutteridge June 2020

On 22 May, the Communities Secretary Robert Henrick MP and London Mayor Sadiq Khan launched a new London Transition Board, which will co-ordinate London’s recovery. Julia Root-Gutteridge, ICAEW’s Corporate Governance Manager, considers what the capital will look like as it emerges from the lockdown and begins to reopen its economy.

Bank of England – supporting the UK economy

Lai Wah Co June 2020

The Bank of England’s role is to maintain UK monetary and financial stability by keeping inflation sustainably low and ensuring that the financial system can serve the people of the UK in bad times as well as good. Lai Wah Co, Deputy Agent for Greater London, highlights how the Bank is achieving these aims through the COVID-19 crisis.

Spotlighting businesses’ response to COVID-19

Megan Fitzpatrick June 2020

Many industries have suffered as a result of the lock down and there is concern over which businesses will become casualties of coronavirus. However, some have been able to adapt to ensure the prosperity of their organisations and even contribute to societies’ efforts in battling against COVID-19. London Accountant’s Megan Fitzpatrick highlights the ICAEW series ‘Business Spotlights’.

From Good to Great during Covid-19

Anzo Francis June 2020

LSCA Business Board Vice-Chair Anzo Francis looks at how a business can grow from good to great during the Covid-19 crisis.

On-demand webinars to support you

Megan Fitzpatrick June 2020

As our lives and work have moved online, so has our events and learning. Over the last 3 months, ICAEW has run a number of webinars that have been designed to provide members with the support and guidance they need to continue working effectively throughout the crisis. For local members, Megan Fitzpatrick at London Accountant has summarised some of the most watched and highly rated resources.

Audit and innovation – what is the new normal?

Jamie Tomlin May 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way that we live our lives beyond recognition. Jamie Tomlin, Chair of the LSCA’s Technical Committee, asks if the virus could permanently change audit for the better.

City jobs were on the re-bound, then came COVID-19

Hakan Enver May 2020

From one crisis to the next… Hakan Enver, Managing Director at Morgan McKinley UK, gives London Accountant insight into the results from their Spring London Employment Monitor.

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