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Made.com chair sets out how AI will shape retail

The chairman of made.com Susanne Given told Canary Wharf members how the future of retail was being shaped by technology and the use of artificial intelligence.

December 2018

The Canary Wharf Members' Group chaired by Ildar Khasanov, organised another successful event. Ildar has managed key stakeholder relationship for the group over the past years and has secured many high profile speakers. Members joined Ildar and his guest speaker Susanne Given, chairman of made.com, the online furniture retailer, who spoke at the event hosted at Barclays offices on 1 November.

Susanne discussed the impact of technology businesses on retail and in particular how artificial intelligence (AI) is being integrated into retail.

In her presentation to the group, Susanne also focused on the effect e-commerce is having on retail which is forcing big department stores to reconsider their strategies to stay competitive.

The extensive Q&A session gave an opportunity to members to broaden the discussion on the AI uses and the forward-looking trends.

Susanne works and supports start-ups and early stage, fast growth, digital businesses in the consumer and tech segments and holds various boards and advisory posts.

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