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ICAEW launches More Than A Vote campaign

ICAEW has launched a national campaign, GE 2019 – It’s More Than a Vote, to engage with leading political figures on the major issues, and you can be part of the conversation.

December 2019

This election, voters have the opportunity to focus on the big challenges of sustainability, technology and the public finances.

It’s easy and simple to take part: 

On Thursday 12 December, voters across the UK will decide the next government and determine the country’s priorities for the years ahead.

There are some pronounced differences between what the various political parties are offering, and the outcome will have significant repercussions for the future direction of the country.

As a result, ICAEW has launched its campaign, ‘GE2019: It’s More Than a Vote’, to engage with leading political figures via social media and offer its insight and expertise on the biggest challenges facing the UK’s economy and society.

As in previous elections, ICAEW will remain non-partisan, but will be providing analysis of the implications of policy proposals in the context of the public interest.

Read ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza’s blog on the general election: It’s More Than A Vote

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