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Capital winners in Finance for the Future awards

London-based Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation and the Grantham Research Institute are among the winners of these year’s Finance for the Future Awards.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation

November 2018

The Finance for the Future Awards celebrate financial leadership and innovation by business, public and not for profit sectors. The winners achieved outstanding accomplishments in embedding sustainability into their business models and decision-making.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation won the innovative project award with its innovative way of improving sexual health across London while reducing pressure on a dedicated and stretched NHS. The judges said the significant benefits were delivered by finding new ways to collaborate, which the entrants recognised as an essential ingredient in their sustainability strategy. They were particularly impressed by the ambition of the project and that it was implemented in a measured and considered way.

The Grantham Research Institute, based at the London School of Economics and Imperial College won the driving change through education, training and academia award. The judges said the Grantham Research Institute is central to the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI), enabling investors to make climate competent decisions using academically rigorous data via a clearly accessible and open source tool. The initiative educates in a range of ways, informing investors, improving corporate performance and offering student learning opportunities.

The awards, now in their 7th year, were founded by ICAEW and The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) in partnership with Deloitte. They celebrate good business practices from around the world and recognise the essential role of the finance function in driving sustainable outcomes and building resilience by embedding environmental and social issues into decision-making.

Jessica Fries, Executive Chairman of A4S, said: “We need real innovation and leadership if we are to tackle the social and environmental challenges faced. Finance has a key role to play. It is exciting to see so many organizations from around the world developing business models and approaches that seek to provide solutions, and support the transition to a sustainable economy.”

Richard Spencer, ICAEW Head of Sustainability, said: “All the finalists and in particular the winners should be very proud of their accomplishments. Not only have they shown that embedding sustainability in business models and financial success don’t have to be mutually exclusive but that it can drive improved business performance. They have set a great example to the wider business community in how to use financial leadership to create more sustainable economies.”

For more information on the awards, visit financeforthefuture.org

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