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News from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

LGBT+ History Month: acceptance in a remote workplace

Tim Reilly and Ben Currie February 2021

In celebration of LGBT+ History Month, CASSL Committee members Tim Reilly and Ben Currie discuss how COVID-19 and remote working affect LGBT+ acceptance in the workplace.

Your ‘avoid at all cost’ list

Indy Agnihotri, Chair of the London Accountant Editorial Board December 2020

The ‘to do’ list can be seemingly never ending, especially in current circumstances. In this article, Indy Agnihotri, Chair of the London Accountant Editorial Board, outlines an easy strategy to prioritize and get tasks done.

Redundancy and Exit Strategies: A Tax Perspective

Andrew McKenzie-Smart December 2020

COVID-19 has caused economic chaos and as we look to 2021, the closure of many businesses and subsequent redundancies loom. One such case was discussed in the London and Croydon Tax Discussion Group and the tax implications are detailed in this article.

How you can support your employees’ wellbeing this Christmas

Kirsty Lilley, mental health expert at CABA December 2020

This year it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are effectively supporting employees’ mental well-being. Kirsty Lilley, mental health expert at CABA, the wellbeing charity, outlines some ways to do this.

Agility is key for the future of work

Emma Milgate October 2020

This year has resulted in a significant shift in the way we work, bringing new challenges for us and our clients. Emma Milgate of the London Accountant Editorial Board weighs up the positives and negatives.

‘Roombarrassment’ anyone?

Angus Farr October 2020

Why are some people still not switching their webcams on? Chair of the LSCA Business Board and Director of Training Counts, Angus Farr, asks.

Women in Financial Services in the danger zone

Geraldine Gallacher November 2020

Coronavirus is hurting working mums’ careers and poses a threat to corporate reputation and performance, according to Geraldine Gallacher, CEO of the Executive Coaching Consultancy.

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ for ICAEW students

Tim Reilly, CASSL Committee member September 2020

As workplaces move towards the next phase of the coronavirus recovery - the so-called ‘new normal’ - firms, leaders and managers need to address the challenges facing their junior staff. CASSL Secretary Tim Reilly, writes.

Does your organisation have the “S” factor?

Geraldine Gallacher September 2020

The global pandemic has highlighted social inequalities and fundamentally changed the role employees expect their employer to play to address these issues, argues executive coach Geraldine Gallacher.

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