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News from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

The power of agreements vs expectations

October 2019

LSCA vice president Indy Agnihotri sets out why he believes firmly in the power of agreements rather than relying on expectations, both in life and the workplace.

Present with impact at LSCA workshop

ICAEW September 2019

This October, why not join our expert on communication, Annette Kramer, PhD, in a hands-on workshop and learn the most effective techniques and strategies to improve your presentation style, confidence and engagement?

Discover how to utilise the power of the personal

ICAEW September 2019

On 30 October, in association with Metro Bank, the ICAEW’s London and South East regional team are hosting a lunchtime event with professional services adviser Liz Whitaker, who will set out her top tips on how you can utilise the power of personal communications to engage, persuade and inspire the people around you.

Five ways employers can help women identify as leaders

Geraldine Gallacher September 2019

Following on from an earlier article, executive coach Geraldine Gallacher sets out how employers can support their female staff as they become the next leaders in their organisation.

Dramatic fall in financial services jobs market

Hakan Enver September 2019

City jobs down by a third in three months as job hunters fall by nearly a quarter, Morgan McKinley’s Hakan Enver surveys the latest state of the finance professionals jobs market, arguing that a tech-style visa model could benefit financial services post-Brexit.

LSCA webinar: Mentoring and leadership for accountants

August 2019

A recent webinar was held for accountants wanting to succeed in their career and lead teams. LSCA Deputy President Indy Agnihotri, who facilitated the webinar, highlights the key points raised by the leadership coach, John P Morgan.

Making the switch from practice to industry: what you need to know

Chilufya Mulenga August 2019

With five decades of work stretching out in front of many newly and part qualified accountants, Chilufya Mulenga, co-chair of the Chartered Accountants Student Society in London, sets out her top tips for those looking to switch from practice to industry.

Would you blind recruit your next accountant?

Vincenzo Leporiere August 2019

With increased focus on building a diverse workforce, LSCA Business Board member Vincenzo Leporiere asks whether blind recruitment techniques can play an important role in inclusive talent selection

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