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HSBC Chair to share insights at City event

Mark Tucker, HSBC Chair, will be answering questions from chartered accountants about his career at an event organised by the Australian & New Zealand Accountants In London Networking Group, a chance to learn from the top, says Matthew Millane.

Mark Tucker

April 2019

Like many chartered accountants, I have often found it difficult to understand how to make the most of my career. Often, we look at those ahead of us, including CEOs, CFOs, partners, chairs of boards, and wonder, “How did they do it? What do I need to do to be in their position in a few years’ time?”

There are many great resources available to help address this question, including ICAEW resources, training programs and mentoring. But I also like to try to get the answer straight from the source; those at the top now!

In late 2017, I was fortunate to co-host an event as John MacFarlane, Chair of Barclays Plc and outgoing Chair of TheCityUK, participated in a panel interview and Q&A session with chartered accountants. To enable a frank discussion the Chatham House rule applied, but suffice to say we pressed him for his views on how to build a successful career today, how to lead teams and organisations, the future of financial services, diversity and more.

The session was very well received, with many saying they would take away something from the event to apply in their careers.

On the evening of Thursday 9 May, I will again co-host as chartered accountants ask questions of, and hear the thoughts of, Mark Tucker, Chair of HSBC Plc and incoming Chair of TheCityUK; a chartered accountant who has built a stellar career second to none, including making CFO and CEO at major companies prior to being appointed chair of the global financial services giant that is HSBC.

He is one of the leading businessmen in the UK, Asia, and given HSBC’s global presence, the world and I, for one, will be taking notes!

This event  on 9 May 2019 is being hosted by Australian & New Zealand Accountants In London Networking Group, but the event is open to all chartered accountants.

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Matthew Millane ACA CA(ANZ) is a committee member of ICAEW Younger Members London, a partner in his own boutique consultancy and helps run Australian & New Zealand Accountants In London networking group.

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