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LSCA webinar: Mentoring and leadership for accountants

A recent webinar was held for accountants wanting to succeed in their career and lead teams. LSCA Deputy President Indy Agnihotri, who facilitated the webinar, highlights the key points raised by the leadership coach, John P Morgan.

Indy Agnihotri

August 2019

It is absolutely true that technical skills are important. But once you enter and progress through the working environment you will find it is about much more. To be a true leader and lead teams you need to do and be more. 

Creating, Serving and Action are key ingredients to this. In a nutshell, start the day asking yourself: “What can I create today? Who can I serve today?” Then go ahead and make sure you act on what you come up with. 

Action creates confidence 

Create ideas as you speak and then act on them. Realise in any moment that as humans we exercise choice and so we have the freedom to choose in any moment. Once you do, then act on it.

Support others

And to be a true leader, focus on service to others, your employees, your clients, in fact anyone. Relationships with others are key. Giving service to people is like investing in a fund and yielding dividends, often the returns are many years later. 

Strong opinions, weakly held...

Decide what is important to you and then make a stand for what you believe in. Leaders need to be strong. Be strong in your views but do allow yourself the possibility of changing them. The willingness to say no is important, it gains respect with others. But don’t be arrogant in doing so. As Warren Buffett says, have an ‘avoid at all cost list’ in order to help you really focus. 

And… be kind

Being a leader is also about how you relate to others on a personal level. However focused and strong you need to be - it is also about being kind and generous. 

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