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Got a problem? Call up Support Members for help

Did you know ICAEW is one of the only professional bodies in the world to offer a free peer to peer member helpline? LSCA Honorary Secretary Richard Joseph calls up the details.

December 2018

If you have a professional problem to do with your practice, your partners, your employer, a client, an impending monitoring visit, or any other situation, and you want confidential advice, you can talk to one of our Support Members, who are ICAEW members like you. Sometimes you may feel that you just want a ‘listening ear’.

Support Members are volunteers who have all been through counselling training on how to help members. We can offer you advice, and maybe a different perspective on whatever is bothering you.

If you prefer, we can deal with these problems anonymously, and, very importantly, we are exempted from the requirement to report misconduct. It’s free, and it’s confidential.

There are around 80 Support Members. Many of them have worked in this capacity within ICAEW for many years and are past or present District Society officers or committee members, who have been used to helping out fellow chartered accountants.

We have all received training in counselling generally, and in ICAEW’s disciplinary processes. For example, we can give you some idea of what you might expect if you feel you may be involved in a disciplinary matter.

Actually, quite a number of calls end with a member being reassured that they’re not in as much trouble as they may think they are. But if the news is not so good, Support Members can help give a bit of advance warning on what you might expect, and possibly recommend more formal sources of help and professional or legal advice.

If you feel you could use this service, you can find out about us on the ICAEW website, or phone the free central number 0800 917 3526 where you can find out the names and numbers of Support Members in your area, (or specifically not in your area, if you’d prefer). Or visit the Support Members page on the ICAEW website

Richard Joseph is LSCA Honorary Secretary.

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