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Why you can’t find the Hidden Jobs Market

A simple guide to using networking to help discover and take advantage of new opportunities by David Trodden.

March 2021

You’re playing hide and seek on your own
Playing hide and seek when no one is looking
You’re hiding but no one knows to look for you
You can’t hide and assume someone will look for you
Who do you think is looking for you
Make yourself visible
The invisible job seeker
The hide and seek jobs market -
You’re on the wrong side of the game
You’re hiding when you should be seeking
Jobs are only hidden until you find them
Hidden jobs won’t search for themselves
How to find the hidden jobs market
How not to find a hidden job

You’ve just been made redundant and you go to a networking event. You walk in and sit on the chair in the corner of the room. You watch as everyone introduces themselves and what they do.

Then comes the informal part and people are getting up, saying hello, and talking with one another. You observe many interactions from your chair - some small, some offers of work. The session ends and you leave.

No one came over to talk to you, and no one offered you any work. You decide networking meetings are not worth your time.

The “hidden labour market” accounts for up to 80% of all the positions that are filled but these positions are only hidden to people who are not looking for them. It is up to you to follow a few simple steps to uncover your next big opportunity.

First make sure you are known

Social media, meetings and networking events all need to be approached professionally. On LinkedIn by posting a short piece, a commentary on another post, or liking or sharing, these are all helpful for you to be seen by your network.

Second be available and open

This is not the time to have a stiff upper lip. Let everyone know what you have been doing. Work your way through your network making contact, find out what they are doing, be good at listening.

Find out what they might need and let them know what you can offer. If anyone makes contact do reply within a short period of time. Make it clear by how you speak and act that you are available.

Third be willing to consider all proposals

Do not say no to anything before you have a chance to talk with the person and investigate it thoroughly. If you chat with enough people, some of them will convert.

You have to ensure that you are easy to talk to and that you communicate clearly. They may know a contact who could use your help, then follow it up, be receptive, friendly and open.

Networking effectively is hard work and time consuming, but it is your key for tapping into the hidden labour market.

Be known, be open, be willing - you are in control of creating your next big opportunity.