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Making your voice heard

Joining one of the LSCA’s committees can be a powerful route for you to get your points of view listened to within ICAEW and beyond while enhancing you own career development and widening your professional network.

October 2018

One of the key objectives of the London Society of Chartered Accountants is to assist ICAEW in the formulation and execution of its policies by acting as a two-way channel with its members. This includes providing input and comments for consultations at a government or regulator level.

The LSCA has a number of committees through which members can provide their comments. These include the Tax Committee, Technical Committee (which covers audit and accountancy issues), the Business Board and the Regulation and Ethics Review Panel, together with discussion groups such as the Financial Reporting, Banking, Compliance and Training Discussion Groups.

All these groups are able to feed comments to the LSCA Main Committee.

These committees and groups are always very happy to hear from individual members to gain an understanding of the issues about which they are concerned. They can then take these comments and feed them into either the LSCA Main Committee or into the relevant ICAEW committee depending on the subject.

The Area Societies (West, North, North West, South West, South East and Canary Wharf) together with groups such as Younger Members London, provide many member-facing networking and training events, and are an ideal way in which members can become more involved in their institute, as well as learning more about what ICAEW and the LSCA can do for them.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the LSCA committees and how you can become involved with their work, the contacts are listed below:

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