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Present with impact at LSCA workshop

This October, why not join our expert on communication, Annette Kramer, PhD, in a hands-on workshop and learn the most effective techniques and strategies to improve your presentation style, confidence and engagement?

Annette Kramer

September 2019

Communication is such an important part to being successful in business. This session follows on from the hugely successful taster workshop in April and focuses on developing eight participants’ ability to communicate with more impact.

You will get homework in advance with guidelines on creating a three-to-five minute conversation opener to introduce yourself and your work. The workshop will then ask you to present and give feedback to others.

You will learn:

  • How to better ensure that people are engaged and remember what you say
  • How to deliver your message with impact and confidence
  • Some quick techniques that you can use straight away

Annette Kramer, PhD is a top business communication strategist in London and a business adviser to companies large and small. Her work has helped companies break into new markets, raise investment and excel at sales.

She collaborates with executives and managers to craft and deliver more compelling stories that make it obvious to listeners why they should continue the conversation.

Her career began in the New York theatre coaching professional actors. She taught at Brown University for five years, and spent 20 years in business, including eight years at PwC. Clients include multi-national companies, European governments, top universities, media agencies and the third sector organisations.

The workshop will be held at Kreston Reeves, 24 Chiswell Street, London, London EC1Y 4YX on 22 October 2019 between 8.30am and 12.30pm. Booking information is below but hurry as there are only 8 places available.

You can find more about Annette at www.annettekramer.co.uk.

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