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News and opinions from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

CABA unveils new services


CABA adds sleep tool to range of digital wellbeing tools to support members as the impact of the pandemic continues. The charity urges members worrying about emotional or financial wellbeing to get in touch.

How to achieve a good night’s sleep

Kelly Feehan, Service Director at CABA, in association with Sleepstation

This World Sleep Day, CABA, the wellbeing charity, in association with Sleepstation, advises how to get the best possible shut-eye.

Spreadsheets, our seductive fantasy about the real world

Quentin Millington

How valuable are bar charts, spreadsheets and all the counting that managers do? Quentin Millington, founder of London-based consultancy Marble Brook, explains the risks of reducing the world to a number.

Experimental Bridges

Geraldine Gallacher

Geraldine Gallacher, CEO, Executive Coaching Consultancy discusses changing societal communication and using empathy and open discussion to create a more inclusive, understanding community.

Managing Mental Health in Lockdown

Vicky Andrew

Mental health is on a lot of our minds in the current pandemic. LSCA president Vicky Andrew discusses how she is coping in the current climate and strategies she finds helpful.

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