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LSCA AGM notice

Important notice about the London Society of Chartered Accountants: the Annual General Meeting of the London Society of Chartered Accountants will be held on Tuesday 23 June 2020 at 15:00 virtually.

March 2020

In view of the Coronavirus outbreak, this meeting will be held as a virtual meeting and details of the means of participating will be sent to members with the formal notice of the meeting at a later date.  All members are invited to attend by this means.  The business of the meeting will include receiving the annual report and financial statements of the Society for the year ended 31 December 2019, the announcement the names of officers and members elected to serve on the Main Committee of the Society and to the ICAEW Council.

Members wishing to bring before the Annual General Meeting any motion not relating to the ordinary annual business of the Society as shown above should inform the Society by writing to the Honorary Secretary, supported by nine other members, before the close of business on Friday 24 April 2020. No motion shall come before the Annual General Meeting unless notice has been given and included in the notice convening the meeting (Rule 14).

Any member unable to attend the Annual General Meeting virtually may request a proxy voting form from the Honorary Secretary, LSCA, by phoning 020 7920 8529 or by e-mail to Veronica.Zabrini@icaew.com. To be valid this proxy form must be returned to the Honorary Secretary no later than 17:00 on Thursday 18 June 2020, must be signed by the member and must include the member’s ICAEW membership number.

LSCA Main Committee elections

The following members will be retiring from the Main Committee at the close of the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 23 June 2020.

Elected and co-opted members: 

  • Helen Brennan 
  • Steven Brice
  • Krutsna Buddhdev
  • Angela Caldara
  • Constantine Ioannou
  • Samantha Russell

Nomination forms for election to Main Committee may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary, LSCA, by phoning 020 7920 8529 or by e-mail to Veronica.Zabrini@icaew.com. Nominations of candidates willing to stand, which require the support of seven further members of the Society, must be received at the Society’s offices no later than Friday 24 April 2020, at the end of which day the nominations will close.

There are thirteen vacancies to be filled by election in 2020.