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COVID-19: How firms can help homeworkers

Justine Campbell, EY’s Managing Partner for Talent sets out how her firm is helping ensure staff who are working from home can still feel part of the team and not be isolated.

Justine Campbell, Managing Partner for Talent, EY

April 2020

While we have offered flexible working at EY for many years, we recognise that self-isolation and working from home for prolonged periods of time can have an impact on mental, physical and social health, which is why we are taking steps to support our people as they navigate remote working on a significant scale. 

This includes using our Health EY programme, where we are sharing guidance and resources on a whole range of topics from top tips on working from home to webinars on mental health. 

Our people in the UK have access to online apps, where they can access everyday health care advice and book GP appointments via video calls, in addition to a confidential Employee Assistance Programme which offers advice and support.

We are signposting our people towards mental health charity support available such as MIND, which has advice on how to cope and plans for staying at home, and the Mental Health Foundation, which is part of the national mental health response for the outbreak.

Now schools have closed, we have increased paid special leave available to our people from one to two weeks. In addition, we are keen our people use their paid volunteering days to help where they can in their communities.

We are also encouraging our people to stay in touch with colleagues and clients and to regularly ‘check in’ on one another. Whether that is through simple video calls or even setting up virtual tea breaks for team members, this can really help people stay connected during this anxious and unsettling time.

Visit ICAEW’s coronavirus hub for more information on how to cope during the crisis and keep up to date on the very latest developments.

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