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London members among top accountancy influencers

ICAEW has released a list of the top 40 online accountancy influencers – individuals tweeting about and discussing accountancy-related topics – and readers will recognise some familiar London names.


February 2020

The list highlights individuals in the UK who discuss subjects such as tax, insolvency, audit, and finance on social media, and was created for the #ICAEWROAR event.

Among the top 40 influencers a number of LSCA members, including Mark Lee (11th, @BookMarkLee), PwC senior partner Kevin Ellis (15th, @kevinjdellis) and former Grant Thornton chief executive Sacha Romanovitch (16th, @romnaovsun).

The list also features London ICAEW Council member and vice president elect Julia Penny (22nd, @JSPenny), former LSCA president Helen Brennan (26th, @truenfairview) and EY’s senior partner Steve Varley (37th, @SteveVarleyEY)

Creating the list began with a public call for nominations of individuals seen as positive influencers who discuss accountancy themes. Next, social media listening was used to look at metrics relating to the influencers’ accounts, including audience retweets, author tweets, positive and neutral sentiment, visibility and audience relevance. These metrics were then put into an algorithm to give the final list.

The formula was tailored to emphasise quality of tweets over quantity, putting more value on topical engagement on each author’s tweets, rather than on the amount of times they have tweeted. ICAEW’s values of integrity, objectivity and respect for others were also applied to the tone of voice of the tweets and retweets, determining the data included in the metrics.

#ICAEWROAR celebrates those who have entered the virtual debating chamber, posted their views online in a responsible manner and influenced others to do the same.

Read the full #ICAEWROAR list of top accountancy influencers

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