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London President: “working together for the good of London’s businesses”

London Accountant spoke to Vicky Andrew, LSCA President, about her first six months in the role and what to expect from the next six.

Vicky Andrew

February 2021

In a year unlike any other, the London Society of Chartered Accountants has continued to deliver a plethora of events, communications, and wider support to serve some 36,000 members working (albeit virtually) and living in London.

Vicky Andrew was elected as President in June, three months into the pandemic. She has steered the LSCA through the chaos of 2020 to continue engaging with local chartered accountants, expand existing networks and promote more collaboration than ever before.

She says, “When I came into office in June, my mission statement for the year was to encourage ‘diversity of thought, diversity of sector’. In the first six months of my Presidency, I have been focused on bringing together chartered accountants from practices and businesses of all sizes, and across all sectors, to continue shaping the LSCA’s strategy.”

“Despite being unable to meet fellow members in person, we have been able to engage with a huge range of chartered accountants in the region and this has been helped by our enhanced use of digital platforms.”

Pivoting to deliver our strategy

The pandemic has meant that many of the LSCA’s plans and flagship events, including the Pan Accountancy lunch hosted by the Lord Mayor at Mansion House, have had to be cancelled or re-arranged. Whilst this has been disappointing, Vicky has driven forward the activity and goals of the LSCA through different channels.

Vicky explained, “Our Main Committee is a group of business leaders and advisors from across London who consider the issues facing members, the profession and wider economy and how we can respond to these to support the local membership.”

“In recent meetings we have considered trust in the profession and wider business as well as post-pandemic recovery. In my final Main Committee meeting as President, we will be discussing sustainability and throughout all these discussions, we are focused on continually ensuring that we are aligning the LSCA’s ambitions with ICAEW’s strategy for the next ten years.”

"As part of LSCA’s strategy, we have appointed Representatives for Business, Practice, Sustainability, Younger Members and Diversity, to reflect the huge range of experience within the committee and maintain focus on achieving goals in each area."

Another strategic priority emerging from the LSCA’s discussions in recent months has been the need to prioritise and reinvigorate relationships with fellow District Societies and local stakeholders.

Vicky Andrew comments, “Across the UK, District Society Presidents have been able to strengthen our networks with each other to share ideas and ultimately, increase engagement and support for ICAEW members in our respective regions.”

One of the ways this has been achieved was with the London & South East Economic Summit which saw the LSCA, ICAEW Croydon and South East Society of Chartered Accountants come together with a myriad of local stakeholders such as the FSB, Greater London Authority and London & Partners to consider how chartered accountants, in all sectors and business sizes can support the economic recovery.

Vicky emphasised, “The Summit is a fantastic example of District Societies collaborating to promote regional economic success”.

You can watch the London & South East Economic Summit as well as the East of England Economic Summit here on demand (recorded on 7 & 8 December).

Collaboration at the heart of the LSCA’s activities

“During the next six months of my presidency, we want to continue the conversations that we’ve started with these local stakeholders, fellow District Societies and wider pool of members. We are already working towards another Economic Summit, alongside a very busy events calendar.”

“As I have said, collaboration has been more important than ever, and we continue to work very closely with ICAEW’s Regional London team to deliver all our plans. One of the major successes that we have seen has been the launch of the London Area Societies 2021 series. Viresh Paul, LSCA Deputy President and Chair of the Area Societies Development and Communications Committee, has been instrumental in delivering this programme and I am looking forward to attending these events.”

You can read an article from Viresh Paul about the series here.

“In 2021, we are also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the LSCA. We are currently in the midst of planning how to celebrate this milestone and will be updating London members in due course.”

Responding to change

A year in lockdown may not have been what Vicky expected when she was confirmed as incoming President, but clearly the LSCA has still managed to achieve huge amounts.

She stressed, “This year we have been able to effectively adapt our plans and as the pandemic continues to evolve, we will continue to respond to changes as they emerge. I am proud of what the LSCA, and other District Societies, have achieved in this challenging environment.”

Vicky concluded, “What we have achieved in the past six months has been a team effort and we will continue to work together for the good of businesses in London.”

The LSCA would welcome feedback from members on how they can support you more effectively. Get in touch at president.london@icaew.com