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Three steps to secure City’s status

The new Lord Mayor of London Charles Bowman FCA sets out the steps he will take in a packed year to maintain the City as a national asset.

Lord Mayor Charles Bowman

January 2018

I have three main goals for the upcoming year which I believe will help cement the City of London’s position as the leading global financial centre.

My first goal will be to represent these services to ensure that the City secures a good Brexit deal and seizes any opportunities that arise.

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The Lord Mayor’s overseas engagement visits are often at the head of City business delegations, opening the door to markets overseas for British businesses looking to expand internationally. As a representative of the UK’s leading industry, I will visit 27 countries and meet with central bank governors, finance ministers, trade body representatives, and senior business leaders to discuss how London’s unmatched offer can help businesses and governments achieve their goals for growth and investment.

It’s a packed year but one I am very much looking forward to.

Secondly, I will be aiming to restore trust in business. Throughout my career at PwC, building trustworthiness and re-earning trust between the public and private sector was a priority for me and so I will strive to pursue a similar agenda as the Lord Mayor of the City of London. Within my first weeks, I have already launched a new initiative, the ‘Business of Trust’ and through this I want to see better business trusted by society.

Finally, I will be promoting the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and striving to improve access for those wanting to work in the City. I have been part of formulating the new strategy that will deliver a multi-year appeal and ground-breaking programmes with our three new charity partners - Place2Be, OnSide Youth Zones and Samaritans – and these will help support the work of our three thought leadership initiatives: ‘The Power of Diversity’, ‘This is Me’ and ‘City Giving Day’

The City of London is a national asset for the UK. It is also a unique, cultural and diverse institution which I look forward to representing both nationally and internationally during my mayoralty.

Charles Bowman is the 690th Lord Mayor of the City of London

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