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Senior London accountants in New Year Honours list

LSCA President Nathan Steinberg celebrates the London ICAEW members who were honoured in the New Year’s Honours list, including a former chair of the London society and the immediate past Lord Mayor.


January 2020

I am delighted to see that senior members in the profession have been awarded honours in the New Year’s list.

Dame Teresa Graham is well known to the LSCA. Teresa served as past Chairman of the LSCA among other significant emerging leaders of the society such as Malcolm Bacchus and Evie Bowyer, who also served the LSCA as Chairman in that era; the LSCA’s equivalent of the class of 92!

I served with Teresa at that time on the LSCA Main Committee and was lucky enough witness her talents in operation, particularly when she chaired a meeting in the Great Hall regarding changes to the audit of small companies, which was also attended by the then president of ACCA. It is my view that as a result, that meeting influenced the debate and started of the removal of audit for small companies that took place subsequently.

Teresa has continued to demonstrate affinity to the SME sector and gone on to achieve greater things. The award is clearly well deserved.

From my perspective there is a certain symmetry that in the year that we are celebrating the centenary of the first woman member of ICAEW, Mary Harris Smith, that Teresa is receiving this honour. It demonstrates that chartered accountant women can achieve in the current environment if they have talent.

I wish Teresa well in her future plans and formally congratulate her on behalf of the LSCA.

Turning to other awards, I cannot believe my luck in meeting the then Lord Mayor Sir Peter Estlin in my presidential year.

Peter has just stood down as Lord Mayor and hosted the recent Pan Accountancy Lunch where he told us of his career as a chartered accountant. He was particularly engaging especially when he told how he was mentored by a legend of the profession, Sir Kenneth Cork, who encouraged him to train as a chartered accountant.

He clearly has been rewarded for his leadership and I similarly congratulate him on behalf of LSCA.

I must also congratulate Sir Jonathan Symonds on his knighthood, Paul Monekosso Cleal OBE and Clive Richards CBE on their honours on behalf of LSCA.

My final comment is that despite the current perceived adverse view of the audit profession from various commentators, chartered accountants are still trusted advisers as demonstrated by the recognition of our colleagues.

A thought for dealing with the Brydon Report, perhaps?

Nathan Steinberg is President of the London Society of Chartered Accountants

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