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Local knowledge for London members

London area societies play an important role in bringing ICAEW support and services to local members, but you need to check your preferences to make sure you hear about them, writes South West London chair Annie Lee.

Annie Lee

July 2019

In May, ICAEW members in the South West London area gathered in SW19 to share their thoughts and their expectations from ICAEW. It was lovely to see such a great number of people attending the outreach lunch, made up of a mix of business and practice members at various stages of their career. 

The feedback and contribution they provided was invaluable and has been fed back to the team at ICAEW. This feedback is essential to help the organisers to arrange suitable speakers for the interest of the members in the area.

ICAEW strives to provide support and services to all its members through its network of area societies throughout England and Wales. Support includes the meetings and training sessions held at the area societies. 

Members can participate in CPD, soft skills and special topic events. Events are also organised by the London Society of Chartered Accountants’ Banking, Financial Reporting, Compliance Officers and Training Discussion Groups. 

There are tax discussion groups that meet locally in the various areas in London like the South West London area and a lively tax discussion group meet in at the Fairmile in Cobham, Surrey.

You can find your area society here. You will only hear from your local area society if you have selected to do so in your preferences on your member’s profile. Please check by logging into your ICAEW account: update your preferences to ensure you receive the newsletters and updates on the latest developments from your society and interest areas you wish to keep up to date with. 

The next outreach meeting may be in your area.

Annie Lee is chair of South West London Society of Chartered Accountants (SWLCA), which offers a variety of services, including events, the tax discussion group and support for members in South West London.

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