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CASSL: The vision for next year 2021/22

The new Chartered Accountant Students’ Society of London (CASSL) chair, Ben Currie, shares the group’s vision for the next year.

The new Chartered Accountant Students’ Society of London (CASSL) chair, Ben Currie, shares the group’s vision for the next year.

Last year CASSL saw a shift in priorities, with a committee made up of new members and lockdown affecting what the group could achieve in the year, the focus was mainly on building up the new committee’s knowledge and skills while also adapting to the new normal. During this year the committee really came together overall we had a strong year, which can be attributed to the strong leadership of the last chair and vice‑chair.

This year the CASSL committee is combined with old and new members, who are all very keen to give their all to CASSL. This gives us the ability to continue the good work from last year and grow to new heights. Over the next year we want to be sure to keep our engagement high and offer a wide array of benefits to our members, while also looking at our network and seeing who we can begin to work closely with for future events and services offered to members.

Awareness - This year CASSL wants to have more of a focus on awareness, ensuring all members are aware of what we are offering them. We want to do this by making sure we are giving all London students the information and power to voice their wants and needs more, as well as the ability to get more involved in CASSL throughout the year.

One way we want to do this is by ensuring that all members of CASSL are aware of the group and what we are up to. We plan to do this by producing a new monthly newsletter to inform members of the events going on during the month. We also want to ensure that we are reaching out to members in ways that allow them to feedback to us and let us know what they want and need. This will allow us to receive feedback and make sure CASSL is operating in a way that is offering everyone something they can benefit from.

For accessibility we also want to ensure that the committee itself is working in a way that everyone, committee member or not, can come along and get involved. This involves making sure the processes, such as meetings and organising of events, is a transparent and easy to follow process that can allow a new member to help out in any areas of the committee that they may be interested in.

Coming out of lockdown - In the last year due to lockdown CASSL had to run all events online. Even though this made it easier for some members to come to events, leading to increased engagement in places, it also meant that we lost some approachability and also ownership of some events when we were unable to interact with attendees in person.

Therefore this year CASSL is looking forward to having a mix of online and offline events where appropriate, which means we can have the benefits from both types of events in a postlockdown world.

We are also looking forward to bringing back some of our ‘big-ticket’ events, such as the annual ball and football tournaments, that we know many people have missed over the last year.

We are also putting a focus on mental health as we come out of lockdown. We want to make sure there is an array of services to members focusing on wellbeing, in particular services to understand and combat anxiety, to ensure that we can reduce any stress members may have as lockdown ends.

Mentorship - Finally, last year CASSL saw the successful launch of our mentorship scheme, matching up older students with younger students to share wisdom and tips. Over the next year we want to ensure we continue the success of this programme and develop it to offer mentorship to different groups of people who may need it. For example, the scheme will be extended to recently qualified members who are looking towards the next steps of their careers.

Overall, the next year for CASSL is sure to be an interesting one with all the ideas the committee has and I’m looking forward to seeing where we will go and how the shifting environment will affect how we operate. I’m sure everyone in the committee will band together so that we can help our members in the best way.

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