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CASSL: The vision for next year 2022/23

The new Chartered Accountant Students’ Society of London (CASSL) chair, Sunny Yang, shares the group’s vision for the next year.

A thank you to the past chair

Last year CASSL saw its committee really come together as we fought past the Covid-19 uncertainties. Credit must be given to the past Chair and Vice-Chair for their work, from adapting CASSL to focusing on helping students through the depths of post-lockdown anxiety. We ensured there were an array of services to members focused on wellbeing, in particular services to understand and combat anxiety, to help reduce any stress members may have had as lockdown ended.

This year the CASSL committee is combined with both new and continuing members, each very keen to give their all to CASSL. This gives us the ability to continue the good work from last year and grow to new heights. Over the next year we want to keep our engagement high and offer a wide array of benefits to our members, while also looking at our network and seeing whom we can begin to work closely with for future events and services offered to members.

Objectives for the new committee and exciting events!


CASSL needs to continue its progress on awareness in the current year. As we come into an ever more digital age, CASSL and its growing sponsors look to implement targeted ads on social media platforms to allow ACA students to keep updated with CASSL events. We also look to work closely with firms in London to allow firms to have representation within CASSL and to distribute CASSL’s events in a timely manner.


Diversity plays a massive part in ICAEW. As one of the youngest CASSL Chairs, and the first ethnically Chinese one, I am very proud to lead an amazing and diverse team, which is a great reflection of the ever-growing diversity within London as we approach a more globalised working environment. We hope to run events including an exciting new ‘black tie or traditional attire’ event to make students feel confident about representing their unique backgrounds, whilst encouraging networking and long-lasting friendships amongst ICAEW members. 


As Chair, I believe that guiding students to great opportunities in networking, learning and succeeding is fundamental to the development of its students as well as equality within the profession. With this in mind, CASSL’s mentorship scheme will reach new heights, matching up older students with younger students to share tips and wisdom. Over the next year we want to ensure we continue the success of this programme and develop it to offer mentorship to the different groups of people who may need it.


We are very excited to host many big-ticket events such as the annual ball and football tournaments, which we know many people have missed over the last few years. A life outside of work and a healthy work-life balance provides a good counterpoint to the exams and other apprenticeship worries. We therefore plan to have more frequent smaller events for students to try out different pastimes, network and to thoroughly enjoy their time as ICAEW students.

Overall, the next year for CASSL is sure to be an interesting one with all the ideas the committee has and I am looking forward to seeing where we will go and how the shifting environment will affect how we operate. I am sure everyone in the committee will band together so that we can help our members in the best possible way.

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