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Celebrate 100 years of progress with Inspirational Women in Leadership

With the next Young London Members event due to celebrate how inspirational women have been breaking boundaries for a century, committee member Sophie Briars explains why now is the time for women in accountancy to make their voices heard.

Sophie Briars

March 2018

This year we celebrate the centenary of women achieving the right to vote in the UK. In the last 100 years we have made real progress in the fight for equality in the work place.

My great-great aunt, it is now believed, was the first female ship’s doctor and among the few women who obtained a medical degree in 1901. She was pioneering in every way and an inspiration to many, so much so that her death is celebrated in a small Serbian city every February for the help she gave people during World War One.

Women have been breaking boundaries across the professions for many years. However, the time has come to recognise that there needs to be a cultural shift in organisational mentality to address the small numbers of women at senior levels in business. Now is perhaps the best opportunity young women in accountancy will have of making their voices heard, given the flurry of media attention on this issue.

The committee of Younger Members London believes this is the perfect time to host our next prestigious event: Inspirational Women in Leadership on Wednesday 14 March at Furniture Maker’s Hall, in the heart of the City of London.

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We will celebrate the careers of several high profile women from a variety of industries. Come along to hear how they have achieved success, what ambitions they still have, and tips they can offer you in your own career.

This event is open to all young professionals in London who want to hear fascinating stories, meet other young professionals and challenge themselves in their careers.

For more information, and to book your place please use this link: Inspirational Women in Leadership 

Thinking ahead, if you would like to hear more from Younger Members London follow us on LinkedIn.

Sophie Briars is a Young Members London committee member.

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