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Your members’ club in Chartered Accountants’ Hall

Whether it’s a breakfast meeting in the morning, a relaxed lunch with a friend or entertaining clients in the evening over drinks, the One Moorgate Place Club is the perfect place, open to all ICAEW members, to work and to meet.


March 2019

Chartered Accountants’ Hall was commissioned to create a space for ICAEW members in London, for accommodation and a quiet place to work. Since its original conception the building has been extended multiple times and refurbished extensively to suit the changing needs of our members.

By 1936 the dedicated member space was the former members’ room and guest room on the ground floor. It was a richly decorated, mahogany-laden space for smoking among fellow members. Now, it makes up part of the business centre.

The Whitfield extension in the 1970s saw the creation of the basement restaurant. The original basement only had space for a coke burner, but as the building’s heating and electricity supply improved, Whitfield saw the opportunity to add space for members. Reminiscent of the design of the Great Hall, it mirrored the exposed concrete and bleached oak panelling of the new extension.

Just as the working life of ICAEW Chartered Accountants evolves, Chartered Accountants’ Hall must also evolve. Our latest addition is One Moorgate Place Club. Gone is the formal restaurant and in its place we have created a number of informal zones to work, relax and enjoy, from breakfast to dinner. The new club reflects the nature of virtual accountancy, allowing you to catch up on work ahead of client meetings outside of the office in a space designed with you in mind.

Throughout our many renovations and additions we stay true to the purpose of the original idea of a headquarters of ICAEW in London. The club will allow you to meet with fellow chartered accountants in a quiet space in the City dedicated to you.

Indy Agnihotri, London Society of Chartered Accountants Vice President, uses the club regularly and says: “The ICAEW’s new members’ club has revolutionised how I work, network and play! I am really proud to showcase the club to clients and associates, allowing me to present my longstanding and privileged ICAEW membership to others.”

John Freudenthal, also London Society of Chartered Accountants Vice President, added: “The recently opened One Moorgate Place Club is a much appreciated and utilised facility available to all ICAEW members. The club is a great improvement on the restaurant that was on that site previously - which is apparent by the number taking advantage of using it for meals, meetings and networking during the extended hours that it is open during the week. Long may it flourish and prosper!”

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