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March 2020

As data analytics plays an increasingly pivotal role in supporting audit, assurance and business decision-making, this community will help finance professionals develop the advanced data analytics and visualisation skills needed to succeed in this insight-driven era.

The role of the finance professional is changing as businesses expect more insightful analytics from their data. To support data driven decision making, finance professionals need to reassess their skills and develop new ones such as: data preparation, modelling techniques, learn how to use powerful analytical tools and how to present data visually to communicate insight.

The ICAEW Data Analytics community will give you access to a curated programme of digital learning, use cases, subject matter experts and community resources covering all the essential aspects of data analytics.

Here are 10 reasons to join the Data Analytics Community:

  • Advance your understanding of data driven decision making and data ethics
  • Learn how to extract and prepare data for analysis
  • Enhance your insights with new data mining techniques and data modelling tools
  • Boost your data visualisation skills and understand why it is a key literacy
  • Access specialist e-learning courses on data analytics and data science
  • Listen to webinars and participate in live expert Q&A
  • Events and networking opportunities 
  • Face to Face training courses
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Subscription to the Community is free

For more details, go to the ICAEW Data Analytics Community website

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