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Event: Stay on top for life - the need to own your skills in a disruptive world

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first woman admitted to ICAEW, the LSCA together with ICAEW Croydon and the South East Society of Chartered Accountants, are coming together to focus on the importance of lifelong learning.

Mary Harris Smith: the first female Chartered Accountant in the world

March 2020

It has been 100 years since the first woman, Mary Harris Smith, was admitted to membership of ICAEW. Harris Smith was not accepted until she reached the age of 76, after 33 years of fighting to be recognised as an ACA.

To mark this anniversary, on 29 April 2020 the London Society of Chartered Accountants, ICAEW Croydon and the South East Society of Chartered Accountants are coming together at Chartered Accountants Hall, Moorgate, London, to focus on the importance of learning throughout your life.

At this event, we will be asking questions about the difficulties and challenges of learning throughout your working life. For example; what are the benefits of reverse mentoring; are you utilising new developments in technology; have you experienced more than one career?

The purpose of this event is for you to come away with a better idea of how you can make sure that you are moving with the changes affecting the profession today and be prepared for how those changes will affect tomorrow.

Our panellists will be considering how you can benefit from pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and ensuring that you are constantly adapting your skills in a disruptive environment.

This discussion will revolve around four key themes:

  • reacting to an aging workforce;
  • cross generational mentoring;
  • development and transferable skills;
  • and confidence.

The speakers will include former ICAEW President Hillary Lindsay and Monique Malcolm-Hay, Chair of New Generation Accountants and Senior Consultant at PwC.

Click here for more details of the event

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