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London Mayoral Elections 2021

Current LSCA president Vicky Andrew discusses the London Mayoral election and the potential effects on accountancy.

On 6th May, Londoners will to the polls to elect the next Mayor (the election having been postponed by 12 months).

14 months ago, Malcolm Bacchus, a past President of LSCA, wrote the following article for this publication “What London business needs from its mayor

Everything in Malcolm’s piece still applies, but we must now add the overarching issue of post-pandemic recovery.

On 28th April, I am due to attend the FSB Mayoral hustings in my capacity as LSCA President, and have registered to ask the following question:

I represent 36,000 chartered accountants in London, almost ¼ of the profession in the UK. Post Brexit, London will continue to be a powerhouse and financial centre, although no longer strongly linked to Europe. Moreover, in the wake of the pandemic, Londoners and their businesses may permanently change the way they work. Both of these factors could lead to London becoming a catalyst/inspiration for regeneration in other cities. In this context, what role do you see my profession playing? What specific actions would the candidates commit to as Mayor to support London’s chartered accountants who are critical in the rebuilding of London’s economy?

I shall be posting a report of this session in the ICAEW London Linked In group, so watch this space.

The FSB has also produced an excellent manifesto: “Recovery and Renewal – a mission to support the 1.1 million self-employed and small businesses in London"

In addition, Deborah Harris, LSCA Vice-President, has approached the candidates for any comments they would like to make to London’s chartered accountants. Their responses can be found here

Your comments and feedback are welcome. Please send to president.london@icaew.com

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