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How London accountants can find clarity and restore trust in uncertain times

With the uncertainty of a no-deal Brexit hanging over the profession, LSCA President Nathan Steinberg invites members to join together at the Pan Accountancy Lunch to hear how the profession can find clarity and help restore trust.


September 2019

I am drafting this article in mid-August. People are away, there are seats on the tube and one can easily book restaurants.

However, by the time this goes live we could be in a very different environment. There are rumours of votes of no confidence, a general election together with the real possibility of a no-deal Brexit on Halloween.

‎What does this mean for London accountants?

It is generally felt that the level of uncertainty generated by the politicians’ failure to finalise the UK’s departure from the EU is generally affecting business and business decisions.

While I personally voted remain in 2016, now the vote has been held the country needs certainty with the exit being completed so people can get on with their lives.

We wait to see what will happen in the next two months.

Restoring trust 

Turning to my mission for the year of restoring trust in the profession, I congratulate Liz Murrall on her recent appointment as Chair of the Corporate Reporting Council, part of the Financial Reporting Council. Liz is our guest speaker at the Pan Accountancy Lunch to be held at the Mansion House on 4 October.

The event is selling out fast as members want to hear how Liz views the future. You can still book on ICAEW events website.

In addition, I am looking forward to a dinner at the House of Commons on 10 September to discuss ‘Trust in Business’ together with future audit and regulation. Organised by the ICAEW South East region, this is an important interaction with MPs and our members, and we hope to update you after the event.

Nathan Steinberg is President of the London Society of Chartered Accountants

For more details of the Pan Accountancy Lunch – 4 October 2019 

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