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A message from the editors

Editors message for our September 2021 issue by London Accountant Editorial board member Richard Joseph.

The principal theme of this September issue is FinTech (Financial Technology). You may not have heard of FinTech as a word, but you will certainly have come across it in your life in some shape or form. Whether it’s something fairly mundane, such as telephone banking, or something a lot more sophisticated, involving billion-pound investment transactions, it affects all our lives in one way or another. In this edition we have articles covering all aspects of this fascinating subject, including a preview of the Accounts’ FinTech Summit on 28th September. In fact, finance in a digital world is now becoming so important, that ICAEW, in conjunction with Deloitte, has come up with a course dealing with this subject, free to all ICAEW members and students. Vicky Andrew gives us an in-depth rundown of the details. In our review of LSCA committees, we have an article from Adrian Mansbridge, the chairman of the LSCA Taxation Committee. Adrian provides an overall view of the workings and coverage of this important arm of the LSCA. Taxation in general has become almost impossible to keep up with in recent years, with so many and so frequent changes. Adrian explains the workings and aims of the committee for us. Altogether, we have for you an exceptional issue of LA, covering arguably the two most important issues facing the world of professional accountancy at the present time.

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