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Meet the new LSCA Vice Presidents

The LSCA Main Committee has appointed two new Vice Presidents, Indy Agnihotri and John Freudenthal, who will work alongside LSCA President Helen Brennan and Deputy President Nathan Steinberg.

September 2018

Indy Agnihotri

Indy Agnihotri

Indy Agnihotri has been a sole practitioner for the past six years, having previously worked with Top Ten and Big Four accounting firms. As well as supporting clients with their business and finance needs, he provides finance director services, typically to companies with a turnover of between £1m and £10m, as well as taking on non-executive director roles.

Overlapping with this, Indy helps SME businesses and start-up companies to raise finance, building on his corporate finance background. His work also includes training and coaching from college students through to senior managers.

“I wear a number of different hats, I like variety,” he says. “Each year I have added new types of work while taking off other types of work.”

“I don’t just see myself as just an accountant, but also an adviser, coach and trainer,” he explains. “The ultimate theme and purpose in what I do is to support individuals in their business journey, at whatever level. That can mean supporting those starting out in their career, those setting up new businesses, or supporting already successful CEOs looking to take their business to the next level of success.

“The world of SME businesses compared to large corporates has a very different culture and needs a very different, more personalised, more hands-on and intense approach,” he says. “I love that.”

The journey to his “portfolio” work began in earnest back in 2011 – corporate finance work was slow, so he took the opportunity to travel to India, where as part of voluntary work he undertook, he started to develop a specialism in social business and start-up businesses. He now combines commerciality with social impact in much of the work he does.

He has also written a book, ‘7 Habits of Building a Successful Business’, based on his experience of starting his own business from nothing. A follow up is in the pipeline.

Indy hopes to bring this broad approach to his work with the LSCA, combining strategic thinking and coaching experience to help with the career development of ICAEW members.

John Freudenthal

John Freudenthal (left) with the President of CA ANZ, celebrates 40 years as a chartered accountant.

John Freudenthal began his career in accountancy in Adelaide, Australia, but 39 years ago came to London ‘for a working holiday’ and has been here ever since. “I’ve lived longer in London than anywhere else,” he says.

However, although in Australia he always worked ‘within’ the profession, in London he says that he has worked predominantly ‘outside’ the profession, notably in the Lloyds insurance market, first with a broker and then with an underwriter, as a management accountant. He has also had direct experience with central government, charities, NHS, media, project management and public practice.

He now acts as a non-executive director and consultant.

“Chartered accountancy is a very portable qualification,” he says. “When I was young I was weighing up whether to study law or accountancy but opted for the latter as it would allow me to move much more easily.”

“I now have the time to give back to my institute,” he explains. He has been a judge and mentor for the BASE competition. “I’m a great believer in promoting the profession among the youngsters,” he says.

Tying in with Helen Brennan’s theme of thriving in interesting times, John sees Brexit as very much ‘the flavour of the month’, along with the bad press suffered recently by the profession, in particularly the Big Four firms. “Trust has been tarnished, but it is easy to forget the good work that the vast majority of accountants do,” he says.

Indy and John will be working alongside Krutsna Buddhdev, the former President of the LSCA, who returned last year to act as LSCA Vice President (Area Societies).

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