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Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

Advice for those working remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak, with guides on cyber security, video conferencing, collaboration tools and tips for staying productive with colleagues and clients.

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Cyber security and COVID-19

Coronavirus guide: cyber hygiene and data

Criminals thrive in times of uncertainty and fear, and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has already reported an increase in cyber threats which refer directly to the coronavirus. This guide outlines the key steps to basic cyber hygiene and highlights some useful resources.

Coronavirus and a new wave of cyber attacks – a reminder of some of the basics

It’s a sad fact that criminals thrive in times of uncertainty and fear, and there’s already been a spike in cyber attacks related to the coronavirus outbreak. With so many employees now working at home, often using new unfamiliar apps, companies need to be especially vigilant regarding cyber threats. So here is a quick reminder of some basic good practices and some useful resources to share with staff.

Video conferencing and remote collaboration tools

Health and wellbeing

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

<p>Information from Mind about how to take care of yourself during the coronavirus pandemic. It offers practical advice for staying at home, how to maintain your mental health and wellbeing and support for work, benefits and housing.</p>